Corporate Quality

                                          At NI, we establish our quality objectives using our core strategic vision and our commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

                                          Quality Certifications and Process

                                          NI complies with international quality standards like ISO:9001, ISO:14001, and others. NI has a quality management system (QMS), quality policy, and processes to address new product introduction, change management, corrective action, and other concerns. The quality manual is compliant with ISO:9001 under formal document control and approved by senior management.

                                          Supply Chain

                                          NI is committed to providing a dynamic, strategically accessible, world-class supply base, creating a sustainable competitive advantage in every aspect of our global business. Learn more about supplier requirements and manufacturing processes like anti counterfeit and non-conforming material policies.

                                          Related NI Policies

                                          Product Quality Resources

                                          Product Certifications

                                          NI provides online resources so you can find certifications or documentation for your hardware, such as declarations of conformity, hazardous environments, marine type approval, and functional safety.

                                          Product Calibration

                                          All NI hardware is calibrated in adherence to NI specifications prior to shipment. NI also offers service programs to maintain calibration over time. Customers can generate calibration certificates and view service centers online.

                                          Safety and Service Notifications?

                                          Safety is critical to quality. NI products intended for global sale and use comply with applicable international requirements, such as product safety, EMC, and RoHS.

                                          If you have additional questions, please contact the Corporate Quality Team.